Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please help: Apple Online Store changes

So, over the last week of April the Apple Online Stores (both US and Europe) have changed the way shopping carts and/or web orders get assigned a unique id. One thing I've determined is that a saved shopping cart will no longer use up a W# (they now have a SC#) which was the way I used to track them. Because the exclusion of saved carts from the sequence will have an effect on the order rate, I need to reestablish a new baseline for the trend, and would appreciate anyone sharing their recent order number/date/time info and, if you had any saved carts, the new SC# and date.

From this point on I will most likely rely on your voluntary contributions of web order numbers, unless a reliable relationship can be established between the SC# and the W# (very unlikely). I thank you all in advance for any and all contributions, and I hope this doesn't throw a huge monkey wrench in my model.