Thursday, February 4, 2010

So what the f**k is AAPL's P/E??

Not just the P/E. It's mainly the ttm EPS, but also the real historical growth rate, all the financials, even analysts estimates are missing. I mean, come on, it's been 10 days since the report. What a mess.

Wasn't the internet supposed to be the realm of immediately updated information available to all for free?

What's the point of having Yahoo! Finance, Capital IQ, or even Thomson-Reuters services for that matter, keeping track of companies and estimates for the public, when they happily publish erroneous data for days or weeks and no one can do anything about it?

Does anyone even care? Where's the f**king SEC?

Yahoo! data still a mess. See
Let them hear it using this form (make reference to ticket number 3385526).
It's been three four six seven! weeks since the report and yahoo's still a mess. Anyone, how do we fix this:
Well, it took them seven weeks, but they finally did it!
And they f'd it up again! Amazing. Eight weeks now.
And now it's good again, hopefully for more than two days. Two months to fix this...
And it's bad again. More than 9 weeks. Got tired of updating so here's a day counter for this.

Fixed! Good job, Yahoo! Finance, despite the 11 weeks your users were in the dark. Unfortunately, some who might have wanted to jump in at $190 are now looking at $247. Not to worry Yahooers, it's still going to double in a year or two.