Monday, July 18, 2011

Apple at record high yet cheap as ever

Ok maybe not as cheap as in 2003...

Still, despite the 20%+, 64+ point run in less than a month to a record all-time intraday high today of $374.65, those buying AAPL at that price are still getting it at a near-record low (recent years) valuation multiple of only 10.8 times my forward-looking EPS estimate (8.6x after excluding cash).

Fiscal 3Q 2011 Final Estimates

3mo ending Jun-2011   Rev($M)   EPS($)
-------------------   -------   ------
Apple guidance         23,000     5.03
Analysts consensus     24,920     5.80
Deagol estimates       26,070     6.62

Friday, July 1, 2011

Get AAPL for free - yet another opinionated valuation analysis

These days there's been endless discussion about AAPL valuation, some as usual focused on Apple and its perceived risks, some scolding everyone for even talking about valuation as it's "evidently" irrelevant, and more recently some more focused on market mechanics and manipulation. There's evidence and theory and some data to back almost any combination of reasons, be that pro or con any specific issue. Precisely because of this, most points of view end up being opinion based. I won't even point you to any article as there's been too many and I don't want to bias your research by picking my favorites (check on the list of links at the right for some of them). Or just Google "AAPL valuation" and filter by "last month" with the search tools on Google's left panel.

So here, to add my take to the "AAPL valuation is nuts" opinionated pool, I've chosen to do it without addressing any of the common issues. Yup, you read that right. I won't talk about management uncertainty or competitive forces or the broader economy or sentiment or market manipulation. There's plenty on all of that elsewhere, and usually (if you're good at parsing trolls) insightful and exhaustive discussion through those articles' comment systems.