Sunday, March 21, 2010

Revenue and growth prospects by product segment

This discussion inspired me to make a few charts. The data used for these are based on a trailing 1-year moving window of revenue by segment, which is why they come out so smooth without the December cycle spikes. Enjoy!

(click to enlarge)

Take the stuff beyond 2011-2012 with a grain of salt.


JavaJack said...

Love these new charts. Nice work

Roy said...

Nice breakdown, thank you. It is amazing where consistent 20% top line growth can lead to in 5 years! So long as the global economy doesn't fall off the cliff, Apple should continue to gain market share.

JavaJack said...

So it looks like the big revenue and growth potential sits with the iphone moving forward. Do you see the market share eroding with new devices like the Android? Also, Nokia will not sit quietly for long. They were a big player and probably will be again once they figure out their smart phone future.

Anonymous said...

I personally think nokia's brightest days are behind them. They are a has-been who won't be able to compete with the multiple innovations that are being developed at Apple and Google. Nokia went into hibernation after the dotcom crash and forgot to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Okay, then what of Android. Picking up big market share.

Anonymous said...

Android has picked up market share but there are too many versions of it. I think google's android will continue to grow but google is really losing it's focus. They can't be everything to everybody.

They came out with a brilliant search engine focused on advertising but they aren't "cool". Consumers want COOL. This is why Apple is so successful. What makes Apple's products cool is that they just work and they are simple.

This is why Apple has been so successful at growing so rapidly over the past couple years and have effectively blind-sided the competition. What will be interesting is what they plan to do with that computer farm they recently built in North Carolina.