Friday, March 26, 2010

Two weeks of iPad pre-orders: 240,000

Here's a two-week update: 240 thousand iPad units pre-ordered online for delivery (doesn't include reservations).

A quick recap: 190k first week, 120k first day.

Quick rates:
120k units on first day
70k/6 12k units/day over first week excluding first day
50k/7 7k units/day over second week.

One week to go.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any estimate of the reservations for pickup at stores?

Daniel Tello said...

Sorry anon, I have nothing on that. Boy Genius Report was talking up some rumors about reservations, but that was early on.

JavaJack said...

2 new iphones announced today. Apple up 5 points so far in overnight trading. Go, AAPL, go!!!

Anonymous said...

nice info, are you going to update for this week also?

Anonymous said...

Deagol: Any analysis on first day actual sales? One 'anal'yst predicted it as 300,000 but now there is some news it may have been 700,000.

Daniel Tello said...

Anon, I commented on it under another (unrelated) post so I'll copy here just in case you didn't see it there:

300K+ is about inline with what the pre-orders were saying. Up to when Apple pushed deliveries until next week my published estimate was 240K units, including about 30% of those being 3G models. That leaves about 170K for delivery on Saturday. [this part is a WAG]Assuming a similar amount of reservations gives 340K. I don't think BBY had more than 10K, and unreserved in-store purchases are probably even less.[/WAG]